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PURPOSE: The purpose of 'The Friends of Calstock Parish Churches' is to promote and assist in the maintenance and improvement of St Andrew's Church, Calstock, St Anne's Church, Gunnislake, All Saints Church, Harrowbarrow and their environs for the benefit of all who value these ancient buildings.

1. To promote wide interest in the care and preservation of the buildings, their history and to provide a focus of support for them.
2. To raise funds for the maintenance and improvement of the fabric, interior decorations, furnishings and the environs of the buildings so as to assist the Parochial Church Council {PCC} of Calstock Parish when the PCC considers it to be appropriate. The PCC continues to be responsible for the buildings and all works done upon and within them.
3. To invite, promote, receive and manage donations and contributions in pursuit of these aims.

1. The name of the Society shall be 'The Friends of Calstock Parish Churches'.
2. Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the purpose and aims of the Friends and who has paid the member's subscription for the year.
3. The society shall hold an Annual General Meeting within 4 months of the end of its financial year [31st March] at which it shall:
a] Appoint the committee for the following year
b] Receive the audited accounts for the previous year
c] Consider recommendations from the committee regarding use of funds
d] Consider any matters which might further the aims of the society
4. The society will be managed as a charitable society by a Committee of at least seven members, who will be appointed by the members at the AGM. Two of the Committee will be appointed as Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Committee will appoint a Treasurer and Secretary who may be members of the Committee
5. The 4 longest standing Members of the Committee shall be the Trustees of the Charity.
6 The Committee shall: a] Meet at least 3 times a year
b] Consult with the PCC via a liason officer who should be invited to all meetings, and advise the AGM regarding the needs of the buildings and their environs
c] Consider possible fund raising activities
d] Consider any matters which might further the aims of the society
e] The committee have the power to co-opt additional members to serve until the next AGM should it be deemed necessary.
7. A bank account shall be opened in the name of 'Friends of Calstock Parish Churches' and be controlled by any 2 signatories, drawn from Members of the Committee, at least 3 of whom will be authorised to sign.
8. Any funds held by the Friends shall be used solely to further the aims of the society
9. The rules may be amended by a two thirds majority vote of the members present at the AGM, provided that 21 days' notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to all members.
10. In the event of the dissolution of the society, any monies held by the society shall be passed to the PCC of Calstock Parish or its successors, as a restricted fund to be used solely in accordance with Aim 2 of this Constitution


Committee members, their posts and duties:

Jenny Snuggs: Chairperson

Julie Hick

David Grieve: Secretary

Mary Deacon: Treasurer

Debbie Crocker: Membership Secretary and Trustee

Caroline Lake: Trustee

Lorraine Palmer: Trustee

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the 'Friends of Calstock Parish Churches'

Held on Feb 14th 2015 at 10.00am at Harrowbarrow and Metherell Village Hall.

Present: Ann Ravenscroft Hulme, Debbie Crocker. Caroline Lake, Rex and Jenny Snuggs, Mary and Andrew Deacon, David and Kathy Grieve, Lorraine Palmer, Peter and Sylvia Bonsey, Spencer Wearne.

Spencer Wearne, Treasurer of Calstock Parochial Church Council chaired the meeting and presented the vision for the 'Friends of Calstock Parish Churches', stating its purpose and introducing the draft constitution. Everyone present was given a copy and invited to make comment. It was suggested that an additional clause be added to Section 6 stating that; The committee should have the power to co-opt additional members onto the committee to serve until the next AGM, should it be deemed necessary. Peter Bonsey proposed that the constitution with this amendment should be approved, this was seconded by Rex Snuggs. All present were in favour. It was noted that John Roberts, Chairman of Calstock Parish Council and Dorothy Kirk, Local Councillor have agreed to become patrons of the 'Friends of Calstock Parish Churches' An annual membership fee was discussed and general agreement was reached that a 10 pounds subscription was appropriate. Members would be kept informed of the 'Friends' activities by newsletter, and possibly be offered reduced entry to events. It was also suggested that there could be an annual 'Friends service, to which all members would be invited.

Election of Committee. There has been a Church Social Committee in existence for some time, and it was proposed by Spencer that those people should be elected to the new committee. This was seconded by Peter Bonsey, all were in favour. The following were elected:

Caroline Lake, Debbie Crocker, Mary Deacon, Jenny Snuggs, Valerie Dillow, Kathy Thomas, David Grieve, Lorraine Palmer and Ann Ravenscroft Hulme. Peter Bonsey suggested that there should be a link with the Calstock Jazz Festival Committee, which could be of benefit to us both.

Discussion was then invited regarding ideas for fundraising events. The following were suggested:

V.E, Day Victory tea on May 7th Sponsored events Christmas Cards featuring photos taken at the Christmas Tree Festival 2014 A Christmas Tree Festival at Gunnislake is already planned Discussion then centred on the need to publicise the fact that the 'Friends' exists. David Grieve Kindly offered to set up a website and Facebook site [with restricted access to members only]

It was suggested that families using the churches for baptisms, weddings and funerals could be given information about the organisation. Also families who have moved away, but who still like to keep in touch with the parish, may like to become members. The forms that have been issued inviting people to become a 'Friend', need to be more available in public places so that local residents can support us.

The next Committee meeting will take place on Feb 25th at the home of Jenny Snuggs when Trustees and Officers will be appointed.

David J Grieve, 20th January 2016.

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Reference: 'A Guide to the Ancient Parish of Calstock, Cornwall', 2005, by The Reverend Raymond Wood